In the mid 1970’s,two old mates, one with an XA GT Coupe and the other a 390 GTA Mustang, talked of an idea, then decided to call a ‘secret men’s business’ meeting in a saloon bar in May 1977.

Phil Klingner most of you will know him as Zorro (XA GT Coupe) a Founding Member of this Club with Co-Founder Kevin Roehr commonly referred to as Wrecker (390 GTA Mustang).

That first meeting was held on the 9th June 1977, 16 dedicated Ford fans attended, the first meeting voting in a committee, plans for a Club Constitution and some organized club runs.

Venues that served us well along the way include Barossa Line Coaches, Stockwell Recreation Park, Greenock Hotel, Angas Park Hotel, Tanunda Club, the Barossa Motor Lodge and today, Rehn Bier.

Tim Lynas is our 2nd Club’s Patron after the passing of our 1st Patron, Mr Ken Hampel. Tim has held this position since the 9th July 1993.

The club is now in its 47th year of continuous operation which makes us one of the oldest country car clubs in S.A. Our Club’s biggest asset is its members who work hard to make everyone feel at home been a part of this great car club.

  1. All Ford owners are welcome.
  2. No-one criticizes you for enjoying your drive and therefore accepts a chip or two in the paint.
  3. We keep things simple, enjoying each other’s company and appreciating Ford Motor vehicles of all make and model.
  4. A democratic club, everything gets voted on.
  5. Try to keep costs down which enables everyone to enjoy a day out with friends.
  6. Variation in our club runs and events is a big plus.
  7. Most important you will make some really good friends out of all been part of this club.
  8. The club owns all of our equipment, BBQ trailer and marquees etc.
  9. The club is financially ‘very secure’, it’s all been achieved through hard work and a team effort.
  10. The club supports numerous charities over the years.
  11. We can assist with vehicle  Club Registration through our registration representatives.